HNTB Transfer Instructions

HNTB Transfer provides a secure medium for users to temporarily share files with clients, partners, and other outside agencies.  The system allows HNTB employees to enroll a recipient and share files in the same session. Then, the recipient simply changes his or her initial password the first time a file is sent to them, and the download will start.

HNTB Transfer is user friendly because it uses wizards to guide you through the upload process and provides several options for packaging, including creating a zip file of the document on-the-fly.

IMPORTANT: All transferred files remain on the system for 15 days and then they are purged.

Recipient Notes

Important notes regarding recipients and the differences between being an HNTB employee vs. a guest.

HNTB Employees

When sending packages to other HNTB Employees use only their username in the recipient field, not their full e-mail address. (Example: jdoe instead of

For external recipients use their full e-mail address. (Example:

HNTB Guests

Non-HNTB employees, when sending secure package files, will see a list of recipients when you click the To: button of who has sent you a package or message through the HNTB Transfer site.

Getting Started

1.      Navigate to

2.    Enter your HNTB Username and Password. (Do not use full HNTB email address within Username.)
HNTB Guest: Use login provided.

3.      Click Sign On.

4.      If prompted, install ActiveX or Java control.

5.      Upon login, you will be directed to the Homepage where you can send a new package or use the links at the left to navigate through the site:

         Home Navigates to the HNTB Transfer Home Page.

         Folders View, create/upload, or delete files and folders that can be stored for 15 days.

         Packages View, delete, or compose messages/uploads.

         Logs View a record of previous actions and/or messages.

Composing a Package

1.        On the Home Page, click Send Package.

2.      Enter the recipient information in the To: field.

         If entering multiple recipients, use a comma to separate the addresses.

         If recipient is an HNTB Employee, enter their username (not the full e-mail address).

         If recipient is non-HNTB, enter their full e-mail address.

         The first time an HNTB Guest receives a file or message: an account is created and they receive an email with their login information. This account allows the ability to send or receive files through HNTB Transfer.

         Type a name, email address, or username in the Search box. Select the recipient(s) and click OK to add them to the recipients list.

HNTB Guest:
Recipient list is limited to anyone who sent files or messages on this site.

3.      Enter a Subject. Messages without a Subject or Note field will not be sent.

4.      Add Attachments, if desired. See steps below for details.

5.      Click Send.

Adding an Attachment

1.        Within a package message, click Browse to search for the desired file.


2.      Once the desired file is selected, click Open.


3.      Click Add another file, if desired, and repeat the previous steps to add additional files.


4.      Click Send.


Logging Off

Click Sign Out in the upper-right corner of any screen to log out.